Watson Dwyer Inc. and Watson Dwyer Temporaries Inc., leaders in the staffing industry since 1990, are full service staffing providers offering direct hire and temporary candidates for employers.

The following are the types of searches available: 

 Contingency Search

No fee is due unless you hire a candidate of ours who accepts your offer of employment. Fee is paid within 30 days of the start date and our applicants are guaranteed for 30 days. 

Contract to Direct Hire 

The selected candidate is placed on our payroll and billed to you at an hourly rate. You are able to assess skill sets and determine if the applicant meets your requirements. A pro-rated conversion fee is due upon direct hire. 

 Temporary Staffing

Watson Dwyer Temporaries Inc. can assist you with your supplemental workforce. We have a flat hourly rate that we charge for our employees. Our rates vary based on the required skills and experience level.


Tell us about your job opening so we can get started on your search right away. There's no obligation unless you hire a candidate through us.

Notice: By providing your personal information and email address you are explicitly requesting future communications with a Watson Dwyer Inc. employee. This communication may be made by telephone, fax, email, newsletter or other means of personal correspondence.