When does the interview start?

Posted by John Carroll on Friday, July 5, 2013 Under: Job Search

It might be a bit extreme to say that an interview starts when you leave home; however, it definitely starts well before you ever shake hands with anyone. Interviews can be stressful. Often times our focus is on how we plan to answer questions. We may be concerned about arriving on time. Or, possibly, we’re concerned about our appearance, that our clothes don’t wrinkle or that we don't have food stuck between our teeth. These are all legitimate issues to think about prior to an interview.

However, be careful that you’re not so focused on the interview and the interviewer that you fail to recognize that your behavior and attitude are noticed by everyone you encounter on the way to your interview. When you arrive at the interview, in a rush to be on time, you may not realize that you cut in front of the firm’s president to get that prime parking space near the front door. Or that person you didn't hold the elevator door for might be the head of human resources. Or the receptionist may overhear you on your cell phone complaining that you've been kept waiting for fifteen minutes. You may not interview with any of these individuals but you can assume that they’ll share your behavior with their colleague who will be conducting your interview.

As you’re on the way to the interview, you should be preparing yourself for the social aspects of an interview. Think of things that will put you in a good mood. As a rule, be very friendly with the receptionist. Many times the receptionist will give the interviewer their first impressions of you before you've had a chance meet them. So, don’t complain about difficulties getting to the interview. Don’t talk on your cell phone in the lobby. A little patience, good manners, a smile and a sense of humor go a long way to show your pleasant disposition. Let everyone see that you’re the type of person they want to work with!

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