What is Working with an Agency All About?

Posted by John Carroll on Friday, October 4, 2013 Under: Job Search

As a permanent and temporary external placement agency, Watson Dwyer works with new candidates daily who have various types of professional experience and backgrounds. One thing that most candidates have in common, however, is that if a candidate has not worked with an agency before, they usually have some questions regarding the process. For this week’s blog article, we decided to break down the process to help potential candidates gain a better understanding of what to expect when working with Watson Dwyer.

Recruiters at staffing agencies are hired by companies to find qualified candidates to fill positions, some of which are extremely specialized. Once a candidate is placed within a company, this company will pay the agency a fee for finding, prepping, and coordinating the candidate’s placement. For candidates, interviewing with Watson Dwyer is cost-free and stress-free, because we coordinate the entire process to make interviewing and placing smooth for both clients and candidates.

A candidate receives our services free of charge; we are here to listen to and take note of their career preferences and goals, and we try to find a position that would fit these objectives. At the same time, however, because it is a free process for candidates, and because clients pay fees to hire these candidates, we do technically work for clients, in that we must ensure that each candidate we present has the required experience and qualifications necessary to do the job. Usually if a client wants to find a candidate with little relevant experience that they can mold and shape to become an integral part of the team, they would rather hire on their own and not utilize an agency’s services.

If you have called us before inquiring about how to set up an appointment with a recruiter, you’ve probably been directed to apply on our website via our “Job Seekers” tab. This isn’t just a stock response to be polite; we require a pre-screening of all resumes before we set an appointment with our candidates. The reason for this is related to what is stated above; before we bring in candidates, we want to make sure we have an open position or an active client that would fit with the work experience that a candidate has, so that we can discuss potential employment opportunities that would be realistic and appropriate fits for both the candidate and the client. Because Watson Dwyer specializes in certain industries, it is in both the candidate’s and client’s best interest to schedule appointments with candidates that have experience in the industries we work in, so that we can make the best match possible.

So what it ultimately comes down to is making that perfect match, and we are the matchmakers. Not only finding a candidate that has all relevant experience required of the job, but also placing a candidate in a job in which he or she will enjoy and excel, is the target for our recruiters. To get an idea of the types of positions Watson Dwyer usually works with, visit our website at
www.watsondwyer.com and click the “Job Openings” tab.

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