Tips for an Ecofriendly Office Move

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Tips for an Ecofriendly Office Move

We moved! As of last Thursday Watson Dwyer is happy to call suite 1300 our new home. The Watson Dwyer team settled into the new office last Friday. Overall the transition into our new suite ran smoothly and the team has been happily acclimating. Below are a few tips that the WD team found helpful before, during, and after the move.

Early Planning
Our move-in date was scheduled on a Thursday evening and we finished settling in on Friday; thus, allowing us to be fully operational on Monday morning. We took this opportunity to make improvements to our technology, by purchasing a new phone system and upgrading our data network. By testing the new systems early we were able to go live by Friday. We found this timeline to be the least disruptive to our candidates and clients and enabled us to continue to work normally.

In the weeks leading up to the move our consultants were busy organizing and purging paper files. We used The Shred Authority ( to provide secure collection of our discarded records. Choosing a trusted vendor for document destruction was our highest priority. Their recycling program was also an important factor.

The Office
Starting with raw office space we had a clean palette to create a space tailored to our needs. We teamed up with Ronda Renau, a designer, to assist us in creating an unique environment with a fresh and modern feel. We were able to relocate light fixtures from an area of the building under demolition. We think they look great and add a beautiful design element to our work area. Some of the new changes include: bold colors, new furniture, and an inviting view of Lake Michigan and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.

New Marketing Material
In the midst of the move, we found it important to update any hard copy materials that we distribute to business contacts with our new location clear and visible. Additionally, when possible we reused and relabeled existing materials (such as envelopes) as part of our cost-effective and ecofriendly strategy. Implementing going green initiatives helped cut costs and expedite the process.

Old Equipment
In the past year and a half we had replaced all of our desktop computers. Like many companies do with their old technology, it ends up accumulating in various storage areas around the office. Prior to our move we reconnected with PC Rebuilders & Recyclers (, an organization that refurbishes used computers to be donated to the Computers for Schools program. PCRR is R2/RIOS certified to ensure proper data destruction. It’s good to know that nearly thirty computers will be used for a new purpose and not end up in the landfill.

Also, we faced the challenge of disposing of an old analog phone system as we upgraded to a digital system. Like most offices in the loop we had a calendar from Richard of Just Call Richard (dial 312-RICHARD). He is easy to work with and will purchase old office equipment to be reused or recycled.

Packing & Unpacking
While packing an office can be overwhelming, unpacking can be an even bigger task. Devising a synchronized system for the entire office to utilize helped prevent any lost objects during the relocation. The WD team had an alphabetical system that matched crates and objects with the location where they would be placed in the new office. This assisted in keeping the staff, management, and the movers organized.

To keep consistent with our green mindset we ditched the standard brown boxes and rented reusable crates to move our office supplies. Not only were they environmentally friendly, they eliminated clutter after the move. Also, they were more durable than cardboard which provided added protection, especially for electronic items.

The Watson Dwyer staff is reenergized in the new office as the New Year approaches. We look forward to you dropping by to see us and our new space!

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