The Four Biggest Myths Behind Using an Agency

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Staffing agencies have both similarities and differences when it comes to how they operate. For Watson Dwyer, candidates often ask a set of common questions about working with an agency. To give clarity to some common misconceptions, Watson Dwyer is breaking down the top five most common myths behind using an agency, at least from our perspective!

1.       Your dream job will come in tomorrow.

This is a tricky one. Sometimes Watson Dwyer is already working on a job order that would be a perfect fit for a candidate that comes through, and sometimes it may take some time before we get the right position in. The trick is to remember that it’s all about timing. “Some candidates I place in two days and others can take much longer. Making a career move is a serious decision for any candidate so my priority is finding that perfect fit,” explains WD Senior Recruiter Julie Orlandini.

2.       If there isn’t a job opening that’s a right fit at the moment, recruiters won’t call you back.

This is simply not true. Recruiters are like matchmakers; we are not only trying to find the right fit for our clients, but also for our candidates. If a candidate comes to the office inquiring about a position but may not have the experience required for it, our recruiters are committed to watching out for positions that will fit their experience. As said above, it may require some time to find that right fit. In the meantime, candidates should check in with their consultants about any new positions, so that we know you are still actively searching on the job market.

3.       A one day temporary assignment isn’t worth your time.

One-day temporary assignments can prove to be great foot-in-the-door opportunities for people currently unemployed and on the job market. If you make a great impression, you may get calls back from the client for future temporary assignments, and eventually they may even want to keep you around permanently! Just ask WD Recruiter Caylin Braverman: “I had a candidate come in that was looking to temp to make some extra money and was open to one-day assignments. So when one of our clients called in for a one-day temp assignment, I called this candidate right away. He was able to do it and he did a great job; now every time that company needs a temp for assignments, they call and ask for that specific candidate.”

4.       I’ll be more successful just applying to companies directly.

While it’s true that applying to companies directly sometimes works out, using an agency like Watson Dwyer gives you an edge that you can’t get by applying to HR departments directly. Most of our Senior Recruiters have been with our company for many years and have worked with their clients for a long time, so they have a strong grasp of their clients’ hiring patterns and needs, and they can speak to their clients directly on your behalf. Since our recruiters have been at Watson Dwyer for years, they can also continue to look out for opportunities for you on a long-term basis: “If you are referred to a specific recruiter or you worked with a recruiter in the past and are back on the job market years later, it’s nice to be able to work with that same recruiter who knows your professional background and work experience already,” Cara Sawyer, Watson Dwyer Senior Recruiter, explained. Want to know just how many years our recruiters have been working here? Check out our recruiters’ bio page at:

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