Success Story: Matthew

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Success Story: Matthew

Finding a new job can be a job in itself; nonetheless, finding the right job, can be an even more daunting task. That’s where Watson Dwyer comes in. Recently, Watson Dwyer’s Recruiting Coordinator, Alyssa Johnson, sat down with Matthew, to discuss his experience using Watson Dwyer to land his current job.

Alyssa: What prompted you to begin your job search?

Matthew: I started looking because the company I was working at was restructuring.  I had been doing Human Resources with this company for two years. They were going to be shifting the company structure and in order to move to the next level I would have had to relocate.

Alyssa: How did you hear about Watson Dwyer? Were you skeptical of the process? 

Matthew: I had posted my resume online and had been contacted by Julie Orlandini (Senior Recruiter at Watson Dwyer) about five years ago. I had ended up finding a job on my own. Two years later Julie had sent my coworker a potential position description who then passed it along to me. Ironically enough, I saw Julie’s name on the signature line of the email position description. I had reached back out to Julie with an updated resume and two weeks later I had a new job.

Alyssa: Can you describe your job search experience before working with Watson Dwyer [WD]. 

Matthew: It went well but when I used Watson Dwyer I felt like they did the hard work for me. Julie had contacted me prior to my interview and after. She helped me prepare and gave me an idea of what to expect.  

Alyssa: What was your overall experience working with Watson Dwyer like?

Matthew: Positive. 

Alyssa: What were some benefits of using Watson Dwyer that you might not otherwise have experienced without using a staffing firm?

Matthew: I really got the sense that they (WD Recruiters) had the candidate’s best interest in mind.  Julie would suggest other things if the opportunity I was pursuing didn’t work out or, if it wasn’t a good fit. She understood where I was coming from, my needs, work history, and the general direction I was trying to go. With that, she was able to provide me with several potential opportunities. 

Alyssa: Would you recommend Watson Dwyer for other individuals to use during their job search?

Matthew: Absolutely! 

Alyssa: What is one piece of advice you could give to a candidate going through the “recruiting process”?

Matthew: Research the company and listen to the advice that Watson Dwyer has to give. The talking points, and suggestions, are very good and help during the interview process to land the job.  


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