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It’s not easy to be a job seeker in this economic climate. The job search is more selective and competitive than ever, and job seekers are finding it more difficult to get their resume seen. For some of our past placements, these difficulties have led them to consider using Watson Dwyer to try a different approach to the job search. They were glad they did.

Watson Dwyer’s Recruiting Coordinator, Rachel Cerrone, sat down with a past placement, Angela Ollie, to discuss Angela’s specific frustrations with the job search, and how working with Watson Dwyer helped her land a great job opportunity after months of searching.

Rachel: Tell me about your job search experience before talking to Watson Dwyer [WD].

Angela: I went on Career Builder and Monster and uploaded resumes to start the job search again. I kid you not; I sent out at least 500 resumes, and I probably got five calls back. Eventually, Watson Dwyer called me.

I had never worked with a temp agency before, so I was very hesitant and reluctant to respond. Then [Watson Dwyer Recruiter] Caylin Braverman called again, and I figured I might as well give it a shot, because she sounded very nice, welcoming, and informative.

It took her less than a week to find me a job. I went from looking for a job for six months to having a job in less than a week!

Rachel: That’s amazing! What brought you to start your job search originally?

Angela: I was working as an intern, but I discovered that [my boss] had no intention of keeping me as a Paralegal because of situations within the firm. Once I found that out, I started searching again.

Rachel: What was your experience with WD like?

Angela: It was very easy and smooth and it all went by so quickly. Caylin was very informative and knew exactly what to ask me to send her in order to be considered for the jobs she called me on. She communicated well and often, was quick to respond, and if I sent her a question, she would respond within the day.

Rachel: How do you like your current job?

Angela: I am in love with my job. I went to school and got a Paralegal Degree, and I’m doing paralegal duties in addition to the receptionist duties I do. The company is all about advancement and teamwork, and it’s not a huge company, but I feel like I’m getting great use out of my degree.

Rachel: You said you had never used an agency before. How did working with WD change your perception of agencies?

Angela: I’ve reached out to agencies before, but hadn’t used one until Watson Dwyer. I think the difference between [other agencies] and Watson Dwyer was the fact that Caylin was really responsive and concerned with my best interest, with me being able to find a place that I could call home. She wanted me to be honest about if I wanted the job.

Rachel: What were some benefits in using WD that you might otherwise not have experienced without using an agency?

Angela: [Watson Dwyer] already had a relationship with the company I work for and had placed people there in the past, so you had more knowledge about that firm. I couldn’t imagine learning that knowledge just by looking on the Internet.

Rachel: So, would you recommend others use Watson Dwyer for help on their job search?

Angela: I absolutely would, and I often give Caylin’s email address out, because she was absolutely awesome. I know that she will put forth her best effort to help candidates find jobs and make it happen, even if every story can’t be as great as mine.

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