How to Really Research a Company for Your Interview

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How to Really Research a Company for Your Interview

Part of thoroughly preparing for a job interview means collecting a good amount of research on the company you’re interviewing with. But let’s face it: sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Researching a company involves more than briefly skimming a website, and we’ve created a helpful list of tips to use to kick-start your research process.

Find specific aspects of the website to use when answering questions in your interview. Simply reading the website isn’t enough; make sure while you’re reading, you’re thinking about how you can incorporate aspects of the company website into your interview responses. For example, if the interviewer asks you why you are interested in his or her company, use something that stuck out to you on the website regarding their services, mission, or company culture to give a specific and well-researched answer.

Read up on more than just the company’s website content. Doing thorough research involves much more digging. There are many other places aside from a company website where you can find information about a company and learn more about their reputation in their industry. Glassdoor ( is a website that offers insight into different companies’ interview processes, work culture and atmosphere, and other aspects of the company that may not be found on the official company website. Reading official press releases sent out by the company is also a great way to learn about what the company is involved in and how they go about their business. Finally, if there are any media or news articles regarding the company you’re interviewing with, make sure to read those as well, so you can gain insight into where this company stands in its industry and the market in general.

Find out more about who is interviewing you. Reading up on the company isn’t the only research you should be conducting. Try and find a little bit more about the person or people who will be interviewing you, via their LinkedIn profile, company profile page, or another public profile page where they may list specific information about themselves. Make sure you know their positions and some information about their roles in the company, and you can even try and find some common ground to use as a conversation starter in your interview.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t overwhelm yourself the night before your interview. Do your research a few days before, so you have enough time to get organized before the big day. On the night before your interview, if you are nervous or anxious, it’s good to have your research done so that you can relax, get a good night’s sleep, and be ready for the next day.

One last tip: do your research, but be tactful when bringing it up in your interview. Don’t just tell the interviewer you did a lot of research. Instead, show them by answering each question intelligently and with insight into the values of the company. You don’t want to come off as arrogant, but you don’t want to come off as uninformed either! Try to find a good balance to make the best impression possible.

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