How to Make Your Workday More Productive, Efficient, and Interesting

Posted by John Carroll on Thursday, October 10, 2013 Under: Workplace
Consistently producing high-quality, error-free work is important, but sometimes the tedious nature of routines can take its toll on employees. Making your work day interesting and stimulating is a key factor in being able to produce quality work daily. Need new ways to stay motivated and focused? Maybe the tips below can help!

Pack a snack.

If you’re tired and need an energy boost, always pack a snack to give you more energy. Try to pack something different every day or week, so you have a new snack to look forward to. When choosing a snack, try to go for something that contains natural sugars, like fruit, so that you don’t crash later. You can also schedule your mid-morning or mid-afternoon breaks around your snack times, so you can also take a walk downstairs to your cafeteria or outside of the premises (if your company allows that). A quick break-time walk may give you just the right energy boost you needed.

Finish important steps of your current project, then work on something different for a little bit.

Sometimes your work can become so routine that you stop checking your work thoroughly. Try to avoid that so you don’t make errors in your final product. A good way to ensure all your work is thoroughly checked over is to finish the assignment you’re currently working on, start another small task, and then come back to the original assignment and check it over. Taking yourself away from the monotony of the task and breaking it up with something new will allow you to refocus. You can also break up your daily routine by doing your favorite tasks in between your more complicated projects. Think of it as your reward for getting all of the more complicated work finished efficiently and correctly! The most important thing about this strategy, however, is to not forget to go back and check over your original assignment—double checks will always help you find things you miss originally!

Ask for new projects to break your routine.

If you feel that you’re not being challenged by your workload, you can always ask for new projects. In any business, there is always work to be done, and asking for new assignments will show initiative, passion, and drive. It will also help break your daily routine and allow you a chance to build new skills, or enhance current skills. You can even brainstorm on project ideas, create proposals, and see if you can present them to management. Working on projects that come from ideas you’ve generated will give you the chance to have creative input, which will allow you to leave your personal stamp on the work you’re doing.

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