Don’t Be These 4 Types of Employees

Posted by John Carroll on Friday, September 6, 2013 Under: Workplace

The workplace setting is a dynamic, ever-changing environment that brings a variety of personalities together. It’s important to remember how your attitude in the workplace affects your view as a reliable and affable coworker. Check out the short list below on some character tendencies to avoid that will make your day more productive, enjoyable, and efficient.

The Know-It-All, Do-It-All Type
No one can possibly know everything there is to know about a job or industry. The fascinating part about the working world is getting the chance to constantly learn about the industry you’re in and discover new ways to succeed. Therefore, closing yourself off to advice, help, or constructive criticism can really hinder your progress in the workplace. Dismissing critical advice can also make you seem arrogant, even if it was unintentional, which can cause other employees to alienate you or be too afraid to approach you in the future. Instead, welcome constructive advice and implement it to show that you’re receptive, team-oriented, and easy to work with. Also, don’t take on more work than you can handle; delegating tasks in a professional way is always a great way to encourage team work and ensure you don’t get overwhelmed.

The Type That Doesn’t Do Anything
While taking on too much isn’t always a good thing, the opposite can also be true of an employee. Not completing your jobs in a timely manner, only doing the bare minimum of what is required, and procrastinating regularly are all very harmful habits to develop in the workplace. If you are in a position where you find yourself on Facebook all day during work, or taking a very extended lunch break, there may be a disconnect between you and your position. Try to make your job more relatable to your passions; come up with new, creative and business-minded ideas to bring to the table—this will not only make your work day more productive and enjoyable, but it will show you are engaged and invested in your company’s progress.

The Office Gossip
Everyone likes to catch up with each other in the workplace, and spending some time chatting with your coworkers is always a great way to make the workplace atmosphere more fun. However, taking that too far and talking badly about coworkers on a regular basis will always catch up with you. This may seem like obvious advice, but sometimes our natural reaction to frustrations or confusions with other coworkers can be to find another coworker to vent to. Try to avoid this, and instead address the problem directly—talk to the coworker involved and let them know your concern in a professional manner. If you approach the problem in a nonthreatening and constructive way, you will definitely earn the respect of your coworkers.

Mr. Mysterious
Working hard can mean maintaining a lot of concentration and focus during the day, but try to remember that part of making work fun means connecting with your coworkers. Don’t get so involved in your work that you become unapproachable and isolated; stopping by a coworkers desk for a quick five-minute chat (if the work atmosphere deems it appropriate) is always a good way to engage others and build professional relationships. If you can’t talk during work, try to set up a weekly lunch where you and your coworkers can go somewhere together, or plan a Friday afternoon dinner to kick off the weekend. Planning outside events is a great way to involve your coworkers in something you can all participate in and have fun with.

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