Creating a Team-Oriented Office

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Whether you work in a large, corporate office or a small, family-owned business, it’s always important to encourage team collaboration and delegation. Working well with your team will help you learn a ton about your company, industry, and coworkers, which will make you a stronger employee. But just how can you encourage team collaboration without sacrificing your ability to work independently? Here are a few ways to do so:

Weekly Brainstorming Meetings

If your department has new projects in the works, suggest to a supervisor to hold some weekly meetings to generate new ideas, if your department isn’t doing so already. In these meetings, encourage everyone to bring at least one new idea or well-researched proposal to the table. You can try and make it fun, too—put everyone’s ideas in a bowl, and randomly pick them; when each name is chosen, have the person present their idea to the group. Encouraging everyone to participate will ensure that everyone in the meeting is actively engaged, and you’ll probably get some great new ideas to make your projects even better.

Team-Building Exercises

It never hurts to hold some fun team-building exercises every so often, especially when a new team is assembled or a new employee is hired. Getting to know your department or team is integral if you are assigned to a team-based project, so that you can understand each other’s’ work styles to work efficiently and meet your deadlines. Try and do some fun ice-breaking activities to get to know your team—for some great team-based activity examples, check out this awesome article:

Peer Reviews

Is there another member of the company staff that you really trust? If so, ask them to review projects or proposals you’re working on for an extra set of eyes and an honest opinion. You don’t want to take advantage of their time, but if they are willing to help, then you definitely want to take them up on their offer. Having a trusted peer review your work will help make your professional relationship stronger with your coworker, and it will also make you more confident in the work you’re putting out, because you’ll have someone to back up your ideas. Peer reviews are also extremely helpful in a more basic sense, as your coworker may catch mistakes or problems with your proposal that you never noticed before.

Acknowledging Achievements

When certain employees accomplish outstanding achievements or do a great job on a certain task, some employees’ first reactions are to be jealous or negatively competitive. Don’t be that employee. Instead, make a point to commend that person on their achievements in a genuine way, whether it’s in a private conversation or a mention at the appropriate time during a team meeting. Acknowledging and applauding that person for their hard work will foster positivity in your office environment, and it will also encourage others to return the favor to you when you complete outstanding work!

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