Are You a Good Coworker?

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Becoming an integral part of the workplace as a contract or direct hire employee isn’t always easy, and sometimes people find that they may not be getting as comfortable with their job as they thought they would. Outside factors can sometimes be the cause of this problem. Other times, however, it may be that you are indirectly making it harder on yourself by being closed-off or short with your coworkers. To avoid these mistakes, we’ve created a short list of ways to make your work relationships stronger and make your job a little easier.

1)   Be patient.

Work can sometimes present high-stress situations, and it is important to remember that everyone feels the stress, not just you. When you speak to people or answer questions, make sure you are always professional and calm. Losing your cool, or even sounding a bit annoyed, will make people not want to approach you with their questions or concerns, and will in turn alienate you from your coworkers. Helping people with their problems or questions is also a great way to build trust and professional relationships between you and your coworkers, which you can always stand to benefit from.

2)   Encourage feedback and new ideas.

Staying open to constructive criticism and not taking it personally is a skill that is very productive, yet very difficult, to learn. Employees that can listen to constructive feedback, work with it, and become a better employee because of it will stand out in the workplace. Listening to your bosses and coworkers, even if you don’t always agree, is also very important. If you really listen to what others have to say, you can gain valuable insight into the way they see you within the organization, and you can fix any concerns they may have. Inviting new ideas based on feedback also encourages team collaboration and creativity, which will foster new and innovating dynamics in the workplace.

3)   Stay organized.

Keeping your projects organized and staying on task makes you much less stressed, which will in turn make you approachable, happy, and affable in the workplace. Being the hub of organization will also make you stand out as a great employee, and others may go to you for help and advice on getting organized too. You want to set the standard for excellence, which starts with being on top of your work and making sure you’re completing assignments in a timely manner. If you’re currently struggling with staying organized, try to change one habit each week, until you feel you have a good grasp on all of your tasks and work goals.

4)   Help plan fun events.

Spending time with coworkers outside of the office is a huge way to build friendships with your coworkers, and what better way to encourage events outside of work than to help plan an event? Work can be tedious, and everyone loves a good party. So why not have a hand in planning the event, so that you can participate in the fun and team collaboration that will come out of it? Outside events will also help bond the whole workplace team, and you definitely want to be a part of that.

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