4 Ways to Think Outside of the Box on Your Job Search

Posted by John Carroll on Thursday, August 1, 2013 Under: Job Search
With technology ruling over the job hunt process these days, recruiters at Watson Dwyer often get asked by candidates how they can make their resumes stand out. The truth is, even the best resumes sometimes get passed over if submitted online, based on uncontrollable factors, like automatic screeners or applying to old job postings a hiring manager forgot to remove after filling. Because of this, candidates should explore alternative methods that may get them noticed for their valuable skills and experience beyond what’s just on paper!

1.       Call companies directly and get HR managers’ contact information.

Simply applying to jobs online seems to be turning into a guessing game, and you may find yourself asking, “Will they even see my resume?” To make sure they do, you can always call companies’ HR departments and ask for an email address of one of the hiring managers or recruiters directly, to see if you can forward your information right to them. It also gives you a chance to leave them with a good impression of your professionalism; if you call them and speak with clarity, confidence, and in a respectful manner, chances are they will remember you in a good light!

2.       Used LinkedIn Groups to connect with employers and professionals.

If you are on the job hunt and aren’t on LinkedIn yet, make sure you sign up right away! LinkedIn is a great social networking tool for working professionals, and it has tons of awesome features that are underutilized. One feature called “Groups” allows professionals to search and join groups where they share common interests—anything from your college sorority to your dream industry—and allows you to post comments and interact with other users regarding questions or concerns you may have. Use this feature to get in touch with employers and connections you find that have similar interests as you; they may know of opportunities you don’t!

3.       Network everywhere.

This statement may seem vague, but many people think the networking process ends when you leave your office, a career fair, or some other professional setting. Networking never ends, and networking is actually better to do outside of work, when you are in a comfortable setting with others and can be yourself. That cute guy you met at that party or that bubbly acquaintance you met at your best friend’s birthday may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you on your job search; because of this, always make sure you are leaving people with the best impression possible of yourself wherever you are!

4.       Consult with others in the industry you’re looking to get into.

Ever heard of the “hidden job market”? Many industries have a lot of hidden jobs not advertised, and simply looking online will not give you access to them. Ask others in the industry how to tap this market and best approaches to do so. By discussing the best ways to explore these opportunities face-to-face with professionals in the industry, you are showing true dedication and passion for that industry, and that won’t go unnoticed either.

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