3 Tips for Following Up after an Interview

Posted by John Carroll on Monday, February 24, 2014 Under: Job Search

You nailed the interview. Now all that’s left to do is seal the deal with a thank you note. Having proper follow up after a job interview is as imperative as the interview itself. How you follow up can signal to the interviewer just as much as your formal interview. While playing the waiting game can be an unnerving task, you must remain patient while awaiting a response. Below are some of Watson Dwyer’s tips on how to follow up after an interview.  

Write It  

After the conclusion of your interview it is important to follow up with your interviewer. Depending on the organization, a handwritten note may seem more appropriate than an email. Do your best to define the company culture and read your audience when choosing the appropriate method to follow up. Either way, the key to remember is to thank the interviewer for the opportunity. Be mindful of sending a generic note. Make sure it’s personal and that it accurately reflects you. If you took notes during the interview, consider incorporating a specific part of the company, or position that you discussed during the interview.

Send It

A thank you note should be sent on the same day of the interview. Make sure that the e-mail or letter is sent to the individual that you interviewed with. If you have a business card, make sure to address your letter to the appropriate individual with the correction salutations.

Wait For It

Refrain from calling to “check in” with your interviewer. At Watson Dwyer, our recruiters will do the hard work for you!  After the interview, your Watson Dwyer consultant will follow up with the client to acquire feedback about their level of interest and relay any specific comments or concerns they may have. If there is any need for you to directly contact the client after writing a thank you note, your recruiter will let you know. Otherwise, Watson Dwyer will coordinate all details throughout the hiring process.  

There is no secret formula to secure the perfect job. However, when staying connected with Watson Dwyer, we can provide you with some helpful hints from our recruiting professionals to yield the best results possible.

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